Poetry Journal Publications

Burningword Literary Journal: Beach Trip (October 2019)

South Florida Poetry Journal: A Small Death (August 2019)

Bollman Bridge Review: Migration, Restless, What Started This? (2019)

Haunting the Wrong House, a puppet show as part of Xperimental Puppetry Theater based on 3 poems by Danielle Hanson, performed at The Center for Puppetry Arts: Plague of Angels, Building a Mountain, Eating his dead wife (May 2019)

My Day, a puppet show as part of Xperimental Puppetry Theater: A Forest Scene (May 2019)

The Porch Press: The bird eats a building (May 2019)

Featured Poet, Tattoosday (A Tattoo Blog): The moon is disappearing into the fields (April 22, 2019)

Stirring: Childhood (2019)

The Porch Press: Eating his dead wife (April 2019)

ArLiJo: The Owl Feather, Earth and Water, Invisible Insane (2019)

{is acoustic}: Cat Love, Mouse (2018)

Verse Daily: Saints (2018)

Crack the Spine: I need to talk to you (2018)

The Cape Rock: How to Tell This Wilted Dogwood Flower From Starlight (2018)

Adelaide Literary Magazine: Dear Heron, Things That Disappear, Small Dove (2018)

Badlands Poetry Journal: How to Get Plural (2019)

Blue Lake Review: A List of Things to Be Discovered (2018)

{is acoustic}: The Ant Curse, Urban Renewal, In the Olden Days (2018)

The Blue Mountain Review: Obsession, On Fire, Angel in Lederhosen (2018)

Signal Mountain ReviewBuilding a Mountain, A Charm, and August (2018)

The Meadow: How to Eat Your Own Head (2018)

Quail Bell Review: The Lake, The Constancy of Light, The bird as a collection of energy (2017)

Imitation Fruit: Heat Lightning (2017)

The Blue Mountain Review: Remnants, New Mythology (2017)

Red River Review: Willow Ptarmigan, The Zombie Minotaur (2017)

The Atlanta Review: Medusa as Vampire (2017)

The Comstock Review: What the aerialist thought while falling 1.6 seconds to her death, What the aerialist's boyfriend thought as she fell to her death (2017)

Adelaide: A Poem in Which the Moon Rejects You, Instructions on Stripping, Fickle, Next to the Window, The Crazy King, The Three Dollar Cafe (2017)

Verse Daily: Saying Goodbye to a Friend (2017)

Apple Valley Review: Forest Scene, Chores, Nonlinearity (2017)

The Meadow: Carving a Name in the Ice of a River, Howling (2017)

The Peacock Journal Anthology: Beauty First: Love Song (2017)

The Heart's Many Doors: American Poets Respond to Metka Krasovec's Images Responding to Emily Dickinson, edited by Richard Jackson.  Wings Press: You (2016)

Quail Bell Review: Geology, Outline for Autumn, The Woman Speaks to Her New Roommate: Demonboy the Supervillan (2016)

COAL Magazine: Poem Consisting of Stolen Lines (2016)

The Louisville Review: Locust (2016)

Peacock Journal: Leda, As He Is Reading a Letter From Her, Love Song, This bird is a mailbox (2016)

Burningword Literary Journal: Burial, Answer, God, An Autobiography, Things I Remembered After Getting Off the Phone With You  (2016)

The Cortland ReviewWhy Do Dead Cockroachs Always Lay Supine (2016)

all roads will lead you homeAstronomy, Bluegrass Barn: Saturday Night, Saying Goodbye to the Slugs (2016)  

Common Ground Review: Height (2016)

West Trade Review: Done (2016)

Apple Valley Review: It’s Late Autumn and the Few Leaves Left Clinging to the Trees Beg to Be Pulled Off (Fall 2015)

Mudfish: Another Poem to You (2015)

Poetry East: Closure (2015)

Thin Air Magazine: Coatimundi (2015)

Four Chambers: This bird is writing a play (Oct 2015)

Hubbub Magazine: Metamorphosis (2014, Winner of the Vi Gale Award)

Blue Lake Review: Fingers Leaving a Loose Woman (2014)

Pembroke Magazine: Outside the Moon (2014)

Glass: A Journal of Poetry: How I Came to Find You Were Unfaithful (2013)

Lingerpost: Tracks, The bat discovered in England 10 years after her species was declared extinct talks to the press, The Affect of Rip Van Winkle On His Neighbors (2013)

Clapboard House Journal: Pick-Up at the Dead End Supermarket, I Have Other Things On My Mind, Spice Tea (2012)

Folly: Ice Skater, Morning (2012)

Clackamas Literary Review: Saints, The Snail, Self-Portrait of Brad by Danielle (2012)

Pennsylvania Literary Journal: Cat, In Order To Be a Good Angel, You Must Think Like the Devil (Spring 2012)

The Sow's Ear: A Modern Day Song of Solomon (Winter 2012)

Borderlands: Displacement (Winter 2012)

Cold Mountain Review: Sidewalk Want Ads (Spring 2012)

Roanoke Review: Free Radicals, When the Child Died (Spring 2012)

Hubbub Magazine: Snake, Happiness (Summer 2012)

Tenemos JournalLunacy (Fall 2011)

Blood Orange Review: Puddle Bird, The bird throws herself (Spring 2011)

Blue Lake Review: You Look Like the Perfect Fish, Ethel (May 2011)

Apple Valley ReviewRed Nail Polish, Crystal, So Far Away From You (Spring 2011)

Folly: Ambush, A Possibility, Lines, Walking the dog (Spring 2011)

Iodine Poetry Journal: Nightmare (Spring/Summer 2011)

Lake Effect: A Journal Of Literary Arts: The man is walking his bird on a leash (2011)

The Comstock Review: The Empty Mailbox (2009)

BlackbirdNear Sleep in a Smoky Room (2009)

The Cortland Review: Heaven’s a Bar in Atlanta, Expensive as Hell, and You Have to Pay All Those Demons (2009)

Roanoke Review: A Note to Self-Reference (2009)

The Pedestal Magazine: Elderly Breasts (2008)

Asheville Poetry Review: After the Tree (2007)

Hayden's Ferry Review: Bird (2007)

Free Lunch: Uncle Edgar (2007)

Blackbird: Lemon Breasts (2007)

Flyway: The Year Spent Searching For My Keys (2007)

The Texas ReviewTo you, beautiful old woman (2007)

Eureka Literary Magazine: Ticks (2006)

The Sow's Ear: In Puerto Angel (2006)

Mudfish: Body Parts (2006)

Rosebud: You, Asking (2006)

The Cortland Review: Lily (Spring 2006)

The Asheville Review: Magnetism (Fall 2005)

Willow Springs: The bird eats a building (2005)

Blackbird: No Diga Mas Que Lo Que No Diga (November 2004)

Mudfish: Home Sick (Fall 2004)

Poet Lore: Batting Average (Spring 2004)

Clackamas Literary Review: Ellijay (Spring 2004)

Shout Them From the Mountaintops: Georgia Poems: Hiking in Slovenia, Season of Grasses, Still (Summer 2003)

The English Journal: Picking Blueberries, Traveling (Fall 2003)

Homestead Review: The House (Summer 2003)

Poets Against the War Anthology, edited by Sam Hamill.  Nation Books: Igneous (2003)

Flyway: Gregarias (Spring 2003)

Roanoke Review: The day the air conditioning broke in the wax museum (Spring 2003)

Carriage House Review: The Killed Bug, The Statue Licker, We all know of separation (Winter 2002)

Sulphur River Literary Review: Hour Glass, Night Dogs. (Spring 2005)

Cimarron Review: Igneous (Spring 2002)

Nebraska Review: The Break Up, The Mad Spot (Spring 2002)

Willow Springs: Cruel Son, He beat her (January 2001)

The Lucid Stone: Saying goodbye to a friend (Fall 2000)

Hiram Poetry Review: Eating his dead wife (Fall 2000)

O Correo Galego: Peadelo, Spanish translation by Ursula Heine de Lorenzo (June 1998)

O Correo Galego: Fuchestie, Spanish translation by Ursula Heine de Lorenzo (January 1999)

Mala Revija: Earth I, translation from the Maja Vidmar’s Slovene (January 1994)

Poetry Miscellany: Home Sick (Summer 1994)


Other Publications

Poets & Writers, Guide to Publicity and Promotion: Business Management Tools to Improve Your Writing Life (2019 Update)

The Porch Press: How to Find Poetry You Like to Read (May 2019)

The Porch Press: April is National Poetry Month (April 2019)

The Porch Press: Xperimental Puppetry Theater to Feature Neighborhood Artists (April 2019)

Poets & Writers: Business Management Tools to Improve Your Writing Life (September/October 2018)

Open Alphabet: Book Review: a scrap of linen, a bone by Ginger Murchison (Spring 2017)

Loose Change ReviewInterview with Melanie Jordan (Winter 2015)

Loose Change ReviewBook Review: Hallelujah for the Ghosties by Melanie Jordan (Winter 2015)

Asheville Poetry Review: The Influence of Translation and Music on Poetry: An Interview with William Matthews (November 2004)

Sulphur River Review: The Sound of the Soul Chewing: An Interview with Stephen Dobyns (Spring 2006)

The Marlboro Review: Interview with Rodney Jones and Mark Halliday (Summer/Fall 2000)

Hayden's Ferry Review: A Tribute to William Matthews (Spring/Summer 1998)

Hayden's Ferry Review: The Influence of Translation and Music on Poetry: An Interview with William Matthews (Spring/Summer 1997)

Poetry Miscellany: Interview with Eva Toth (Winter 1992)

Mala Revija: Travelogue (January 1994)



Semifinalist, The Washington Prize (2019)

Finalist, Gulf Coast Prize in Translation for translations from Agnes Gerner’s Sus

Nominated by Codhill Press for Pushcart Prizes for “How to Build a Bird,” “The Experiment,” “The Tailor,” “Angels as Mice,” and “Recycling the Angels" (2018)

Nominated by Signal Mountain Review for Best of the Net for “August,” “A Charm,” and “Building a Mountain” (2018)

Finalist, Georgia Author of the Year Award in Poetry (2018)

Winner, Codhill Press Poetry Prize (2018)

Nominated by Brick Road Poetry Press for Pushcart Prizes for "He Beat Her" and "The Killed Bug" (2017)

Nominated by The Meadow for a Pushcart Prize for “Carving a Name in the Ice of a River” (2017)

Finalist, John Ciardi Prize for Poetry (2017)

Finalist, Richard Snyder Prize (2017)

Finalist, Wick Poetry Prize (2017)

Finalist, Antivenom Award (2017)

Semifinalist, Crab Orchard Poetry Series (2017)

Semifinalist, National Poetry Series (2017)

Finalist, Codhill Poetry Award (2017)

Semifinalist, Elixir Press Award (2017)

Nominated by Peacock Journal for a Pushcart Prize for “Love Song” (2016)

Residency, The Hambidge Center (2016)

Vi Gale Award, Hubbub Magazine (2016)

Finalist, Richard Snyder Prize (2016)

Semifinalist, Washington Prize (2016)

Finalist, Antivenom Poetry Award (2016)

Finalist, Codhill Poetry Award (2016)

Semifinalist, Richard Snyder Publication Prize (2015)

Finalist, Robert Dana Prize for Poetry (2015)

Finalist, Blue Lynx Prize (2015)

Semifinalist, Miller Williams Poetry Prize (2015)

Semifinalist, Codhill Poetry Award (2015)

Finalist, Robert Dana Prize for Poetry (2014)

Semifinalist, Crab Orchard Poetry Series (2014)

Semifinalist, The Washington Prize (2014)

Finalist, Blue Lynx Prize (2014)

Semifinalist, 42 Miles Press Poetry Award (2013)

Semifinalist, Crab Orchard Poetry Series (2013)

Finalist, Codhill Poetry Award (2013)

Semifinalist, 42 Miles Press Poetry Award (2012)

Semifinalist, Elixir Press Antivenom Award (2012)

Runner Up, Marsh Hawk Poetry Prize (2011)

Semifinalist, Crab Orchard Poetry Series (2011)

Nominated by Apple Valley Review for Best of the Net for “Red Nail Polish” (2011)

Nominated by The Asheville Review for a Pushcart Prize for “After the Tree” (2007)

Residency, The Hambidge Center (2004)

Fulton County Arts Council Grant for The Hambidge Center Residency (2004)

Professional Development Grant.  Arizona Commission on the Arts (1998)

Department of English Travel Grant.  Arizona State University (1997, 1998)

Graduate College Travel Grant.  Arizona State University (1997, 1998)

Nominated for AWP Intro Awards.  Arizona State University (1996)


Editorial Experience

Poetry Editor. Doubleback Books, an imprint of Sundress Press (2016 – present)

Senior Reader. Atlanta Review (2018 – present) 

Reader, Sundress Press Open Submission Period (2019)

Guest Editor, The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed (August 2019)

Residency Application Reviewer. The Hambidge Center (2019)

Judge.  Sundress Press Poetry Broadside Competition (2018)

Residency Application Reviewer.  The Hambidge Center (2017)

Assistant Editor. Loose Change MagazineWonderroot Art Center (2015 – 2017)

Judge. O Georgia Poetry Competition (2004)

Managing Editor/Assistant Editor. Carriage House Review (2002-2003)

Coordinator. Bandersnatch M.F.A. Reading Series. Arizona State University (1994-1998)

Coordinator. Books Etc. Reading Series. Tempe, AZ (1996-1997)

Poetry Editor and Editor, Translation Section. Hayden’s Ferry Review (1995-1997)

Founding Staff Writer. Mala Revija, a Slovene arts journal (1994)

Editorial Assistant. Poetry Miscellany (1991-1993)P