Insomnia Diary by Bob Hicok

This book is filled with amusing poems about being an ordinary human.  The humor adds a nice depth to the observations in the poem.  The narrator of the poems lives in a very normal, middle-class working environment.  This is a fun read.  Buy here.


From the opening poem, "Bottom of the ocean"

At least once you should live with someone / more medicated than yourself.  A tall man, / he closed his eyes before he spoke, / stocked groceries at night and heard voices. / We were eating cereal the first time, / Cream of Wheat.  He said that she said / we're all out of evers without explaining / who she was or how many evers we had / to begin with or where they were kept.


From "Bars poetica"

. . . The Big Bang / sounds like what it was, the fucking / that got everything under way. / That love was there from the start / is all I've been trying to say.


From "Meteor shower"

Water's got fresh skin / but crack it pen and there's filth, / the sundry goos we've given away / coming home to lick us. / To get clean you need something / out of this world.  But what sadness / pushes stars to suicide?