From the Fire Hills by Chad Davidson

Sometimes poetry takes daily life and makes it so much bigger, and connected, and meaningful.  But not in a sappy way.  And sometimes the daily life is a little magical on its own.  In From the Fire Hills, Chad weaves stories from growing up in California, with stories from traveling in Italy, with history.  He expertly makes them all drip with importance and existence.  These are rich poems.  Beautiful poems.  Poems that make you want to pick up a pen.  Buy here.


From "In Ravenna"

Three boys, old enough to hurt someone, / young enough to think it doesn't matter, / sat outside the small green plot I came to. / Dante's grave.  All of us pulled there, / experiencing gravity, out of control / for different reasons.


From "Bellagio"

The future, robed in morning chill, waits / at Bellagio, where tourists pick at the bones / of excess, and these men, I know, find lovers / on vacation, in rooms meticulous, feverishly clean.


From "Limoncello"

Brought to table shocked from frozen / slumber, ice-gauzed, and ready to spill its skin / in the shape of private fog, it taught me / how wasting tastes--pungent, yellow fist / of a witch.