Mercurial by Allison Joseph

I got to hear Allison Joseph read last week, and she was incredibly entertaining.  I bought a couple of her books and have read Mercurial.  Allison is very funny but not glib or trivial.  The book is short (35 pages), making it a wonderful break from whatever you're having to do today.  Buy here.


From "Different Dozens"

Your mama's so mystical / she can sit by the right hand of God / and not get dizzy.  Your mama's // so spiritual Pope be calling her / for advice, queries left via / official papal voice mail.


From "Ode to a Red Dress"

Forget little black anything. / A woman in a black dress / is mourning, no matter where / she goes in sky-high heels / or sweet sashay. // A woman in a red dress / is lighting her skin from / within, sending radiance, / diligence--fingertips / sleek over a slide of curves.