The Feeder by Jennifer Jackson Berry

Last week, I read in Knoxville with Jennifer Jackson Berry and Kathy Fagan.  I wasn't familiar with either of their work, but have now read both and am so honored to have met them, heard them, and read them.  I'll review both their books here, since I would recommend both of them highly.

Jennifer's book The Feeder deals directly and straightforwardly with the speaker's miscarriage, weight issues, and sex life.  It sounds dark, doesn't it?  But it's actually funny at times.  The speaker's unflinching look at her personal life is so beautifully written that the reader doesn't flinch either.  Check it out below, and buy it here.

From "I Did Things for the Stories"

My advice: eat things mayo-based, hot / from the sun.  When you puke, // puke in the port-a-potty, / bare-knees & hair loose. // At the pavilion after, / take another spoonful. // But don't swat the wasp. / Let it happen.  Let the sting happen.


From "I Lost Our Baby"

I lost our baby in between the couch cushions, / under the car seat, in the trunk. / I lost our baby at Cedar Point--she was rolled up / in a plastic money holder I wore around my neck . . .


From "Paper Birthday"

Our baby is onion skin, not crisp / for folding into toy kites or airplanes, / but translucent, hard to see / in her white or canary colors, floating / just out of reach.