Uncertain Grace by Rebecca Wee

This book won the Hayden Carruth Award many years ago. The poems are lyric, airy, and deep.  The poems in this book don't shy away from difficult topics like war, poverty, infidelity.  But they don't dwell there with heavy hand either.  Buy here.


From "Graffiti Under Memorial Bridge"

Turning off the television is easily done but our mental turmoil / must be watched . . . // The world is covered with people who're watching events. / Frankly, they get in the way.


From "Pont des Arts"

The mothers miss how their daughters' eyes catch then-- / the wary, openmouthed stares. // A terrible knowledge passes between them, / the bridge rippling under their feet // as the polished child rushes past but looks back / at the one on the bridge in the heat-- / the sunblown silent one / whose hand has pulled back and flown up to smooth, / for a moment, her heavy hair.