boysgirls by Katie Farris

Oh, wow! This book is amazing! It consists of a series of short prose pieces that read like poetry. The narrator draws you in seductively, but you always feel uneasy. The narrator does not have your best interests in mind. Each piece creates a mythological being, for this is a bestiary of sorts, a marvelous one. I can't wait to read more from Farris. While we wait, buy boysgirls here.


From the introduction:

There are ways of telling a story, they say, so that it comes alive. In the quaint way of stories. Meaning we may be mesmerized. Meaning we may begin to sketch out, in the eyes of our mind, a more or less spectacular vision. What this does not mean is that my hand, my madwoman's hand, neatly manicured with a certain fragile glowing in my too-white skin, will reach out to take you, dear reader, by the throat. I can feel you swallowing.